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Mid April Lawn Treatment

We recommend treating your sod with 16-25-12 Starter Fertilizer with Mesa- this is 4 pounds per sq ft. This fertilizer provides initial application Nitrogen as well as Phosphorus for root growth. Now is also a good time to take care of those pests. Bifenthrin Granular Insecticide, 4 pounds per 1000 sq ft, helps control fleas, ticks, and fireants. This treatment will last up to 3 months on fireants.

The previous treatments are suitable for all grass types EXCEPT CENTIPEDE. Stay tuned for a May update for our centipede treatments.

Do you have Zoysia or St Augustine? We recommend a Fungicide as well to help prevent diseases. Here at Carolina Landscape Supply we offer Headway and Heritage Fungicide. You must rotate these products to prevent disease resistance. Come see us and we can assist you. We also have brief reading material to ensure the care of your sod.

April Lawn Treatment

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